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Community Transit
(demand response)

An origin to destination system where passenger trips are generated by calls from passengers or their agent at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, to the Transit Reservationists, who then schedule a vehicle to pick up the passenger. Reservations are accepted up to two weeks in advance.

The demand response system is for individuals who cannot access the fixed route service due to some disability. Eligibility for this system is required.

Learn more about ADA Eligibility, click here to apply.
To download SLATS brochure, click here


Eligibile new riders need to register with Community Transit

Simply phone 464-RIDE (7433) in Ft. Pierce or 879-1BUS (1287) in Port St. Lucie and provide us with the following information.

  • Name, Address, and Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth and Social Security Number
  • Medicaid Number (Medicaid riders only)
  • Need for Special Assistance
  • Mobility Aides (Wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Emergency Contact Number

Scheduling Transportation

  • Call 464-RIDE (7433) if you reside in the city of Ft. Pierce
  • Call 879-1BUS (1287) if you reside in the city of Port St. Lucie
  • Please verify your address and phone number
  • Give us the date, time, the address of your destination and a phone contact.
  • Inform us again of any special assistance you may require.

Pick Up and Drop Off Information

  • Please be ready at least sixty-minutes (60) before your scheduled appointment.
  • Watch for the bus. The driver will beep the horn for you to come out.
  • Have your Trip Fare ready.
  • When your appointment is concluded, it is your responsibility (or ask office staff) to phone 464-RIDE (7433) in Ft. Pierce or 879-1BUS (1287) in Port St. Lucie and let the office know you are ready. A bus will be dispatched to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation/No Shows

If you need to cancel your reservation, whatever the reason, please make sure that you call the office and notify us at least two (2) hours in advance of the bus arriving at your home. Failure to do so results in a No-Show.

No Show Policy

All scheduled trips (reservations) must be cancelled at least two hours prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. Failure to give adequate notice that a trip will not be taken constitutes misuse of the service and will be classified as a "no-show." If a passenger incurs two (2) no-shows within a thirty (30) day period, the passenger's transportation services with Community Transit may be affected as follows:

  • First violation: Warning Letter
  • Second violation: Five (5) day suspension
  • Third violation: Ten (10) day suspension
  • Fourth violation: Fifteen (15) day suspension
  • Fifth and subsequent violation: Twenty (20) day suspension

Hours of Operations

Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 operate from 6am to 8pm Monday - Friday, Saturday from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm. Route 7 operates from 7am to 6pm Monday - Friday only. No service is provided on Sundays.

Comments, Compliments or Complaints

Please feel free to email us or call (772) 345-8229 (8 am - 5 pm)