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Ft. Pierce Office
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Ride with Us


  • No smoking, eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Strollers are not permitted; except for umbrella strollers.
  • Passengers must be able to carry on any packages. If using a shopping aid, you must be able to carry on the bus.
  • You must wear shoes and a shirt.
  • You may play your cell phone, radio or CD player with headphones only and at a low volume.
  • Cell phone conversations shall not distract drivers or passengers.
  • No motorized or electric bikes on bike racks.
  • No bikes allowed inside the bus.
    No pets are allowed except for trained personal assistance animals.
  • Do not talk to drivers while they are driving the bus.
  • Cursing or the use of profanity or vandalism will not be tolerated on the bus.
  • Please leave the front seats of the bus for those riders who are elderly or disabled.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before standing.
  • All service is wheelchair accessible.


No motorized bikes will be accepted. If the bike racks are full, you must wait for the next bus. Bikes will not be stowed inside the vehicles.


Each of our fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks. These racks hold two bikes.

Just follow these simple instructions:

Load and unload you bike as quickly as possible. Always load and unload your bike from the curb side of the bus.
If the rack is stowed, squeeze the silver release handle on the top and lower the rack from its upright position.
Lift the bike into the rack, putting the front wheel where indicated on the rack. The first bike loaded in the position furthest from the bus.
Pull the support arm up and over the front tire as close as possible. The support arm should rest securely on the front tire only, not the bike’s frame.
Board the bus.


When approaching your stop, let the driver know you will unload your bike and then exit the bus. Lift the support arm from the bike’s tire and lower it to the magnet on the rack. Take your bike out of the rack. If the rack is empty, raise the rack up against the bus.